Well child clinics

At 3 years of age, paediatric visits become annual until age 18. Regular well child visits are one of the most important ways to give your child a healthy start and lay the foundation for the health and well-being of your child for his/her entire life. 

In addition to a full physical examination complete with any recommended screenings for common health issues and development problems, your paediatrician will provide you with important information about normal development stages, safety concerns, nutrition and any health issues that might be unique to our geographic area.

Our paediatricians will listen to your questions and provide age-appropriate counselling on topics such as safety and injury prevention, discipline, nutrition and exercise, learning and education, and much more. 

How should I prepare for a well child clinic

  • Make notes about anything you’ve noticed about your child’s health and development, including any behavioural changes.
  • Make a list of questions for the doctor and encourage your child to ask questions about their own health too. The Well-Visit Planner can help you to identify what questions you want to bring up.
  • Gather information for your doctor to take to the visit with you, such as school reports to help your doctor have a better picture of your child.