Our Fees

About your appointment with Bright Futures Clinic: payment details

Thank you for choosing to bring your child to see us at Bright Futures Clinic! This letter sets out some
critical information that we are required by law to provide to you. This letter is for information only and
is not a bill. However, as this includes information about our charges, you may wish to share this letter
with whoever is responsible for paying your account. Please note that even if someone else is paying
your bill, you are responsible for paying any charges that they do not pay.

What are our Doctors’ consultation fees?

The initial consultation and Well Child appointments last 45 minutes and cost £295

Follow-up Consultations either face-to-face, videoconference or teleconference consultations of 30
minutes cost £240

The vaccination consultation fee is £160

These fees are for the doctor’s consultation only.

What about tests and treatments?

At or following your child’s appointment, your child may need specific tests (throat or skin swabs, blood
tests, x-rays, audiology appointments), or you may receive treatments such as vaccinations.
The fees for these tests and treatments are not included in the consultation fees.
The fees for these tests or treatments will be charged to you separately by the hospital or diagnostic
centre concerned and not by us at Bright Futures. Any queries about these fees and treatments should
be addressed to the hospital or diagnostic clinic directly.

Additional Charges

  • Non-attendance of an appointment fee (without informing us within 24 hours): £110 charge to
    cover the clinical time lost
  • Miscellaneous services fees (free if in doctor’s consultation) £55
      • Extra telephone calls
      • Issuing certificates
      • Writing letters
      • Prescription fee
  • Email advice: £55 (most clinical queries to a consultant will require a consultation. Occasionally
    when a clinical email query to a consultant from a regular patient is deemed suitable for an email
    advice reply, then it will be chargeable)

If you are insured, these additional charges may not be covered by your health insurance company, you
will need to check this.

Do I need a referral?

Bright Futures Clinic requires completion of the Bright Futures Clinic registration form. On this form it
is necessary to indicate why you want your child to see one of our doctors. This is so we can tailor your
baby or child’s care prior to the appointment. We cannot confirm an appointment until the
registration form details have been completed.
Bright Futures Clinic does not require a referral from your GP, but some insurance companies require a
referral or have additional requirements – please check with your insurer.

What if I am self-paying?

You will receive an invoice via email from Bright Futures Clinic so that you can pay online, within one
or two weeks of the appointment.

What if I have insurance?

Bright Futures Clinic and its consultants are accredited with the insurance providers listed below:-

Your insurance company may authorise an appointment even if they are not listed above, but
you need to check before you attend the appointment

Before a Bright Futures Clinic appointment, please discuss any planned face-to-face, videoconference or
teleconference appointment with your insurance company, ensuring you have an up-to-date
authorisation number and pre-authorisation details.

All Bright Futures Clinic billing via insurance companies is looked after by MediAccounts (our accounts
team), who will invoice your insurance company directly, and advise you of any excess payments
accordingly. If you have any payment queries, please call MediAccounts on 020 3637 0038.


How do I contact you for further information?

If you have further questions about payment, please do not hesitate to contact Bright Futures by email on enquiries@brightfuturesclinic.com or telephone 0203 633 2915. Leave a message and you will be called back, the office is open on weekdays.