Dr Martin Peter Gray


Consultant Paediatrician

Director, Bright Futures Health

Lead for Paediatric High Dependency, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital


Dr Martin Gray has been the lead consultant for the children’s high dependency unit at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital since Autumn 2017. He is the former Service Director for Paediatric Intensive Care at St George’s Hospital,

As part of his clinical training, Dr Gray studied and worked at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, Canada, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, McMaster University, Canada and The Children’s Hospital, Westmead, Sydney Australia.

He has been a consultant since 2005, having held positions at McMaster University, St George’s Hospital and currently at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

As well as holding clinical and management leadership positions in the NHS Dr Gray is a Clinical Informaticist having clinically led digital transformation at St George’s, he is a clinical information officer at Chelsea and Westminster and is a fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.

Areas of expertise

Health check up

A health assessment is a preventative measure to help find health problems before they start. They can also tell whether a person is at risk of developing certain health problems.

Preventive Paediatrics

Preventive paediatrics is defined as the prevention of disease and the promotion of physical, emotional and social well-being of children to reach optimal growth and development. 

Clinical expertise

Dr Gray has experience of children’s critical care from working around the world, he is an expert in critical care in children, with particular experience in children with cancer or neurological conditions who need intensive care. At St George’s he led a team of 8 consultant paediatric intensivists and saw the unit improve in terms of activity, quality and outcomes.

Dr Gray is currently lead of children’s high dependency at Chelsea and Westmister Hospital where he is developing the service in collaboration with colleagues at Imperial College Hospitals and The Royal Brompton. He covers high dependency and general paediatrics in this role.

Dr Gray has worked for over 10 years in private practice in London as part of the Paediatric Intensivist Group who provide a paediatric critical care service to The Harley Street Clinic, Part of HCA International. The focus of care is on children with complex conditions including those with cancer and neurosurgical conditions including brain tumours. Dr Gray was lead for Clinical Governance at the clinic for a number of years.

Dr Gray has worked with The Healthy London Partnership and NHS England (London) on the Paediatric Critical Care Forum helping to improve the network of critical care services for families in the Capital. He is a board member of the recently formed North Thames Paediatric Operational Delivery Network.

After studying and working in critical care for many years Dr Gray has started a practice in preventative healthcare aiming to reduce late diagnoses of serious illness and chronic conditions in children.


Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics

Dr Gray has a keen interest in clinical informatics and was appointed Chief Clinical Information Officer at St George’s Hospital in 2013. He clinically led the delivery of an enterprise wide electronic medical record. In addition, he worked on the development of clinical care pathways and the delivery of clinical and operational dashboards that led to early improvements in patient safety and clinical care. During his tenure St George’s became the second hospital in the UK to be awarded the HIMMS EMRAM stage 6 award for digital maturity. Dr Gray has been an invited speaker at both UK & US digital health events. He became a Fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics in 2018.

Research Interests

Dr Gray held a research fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, for one year before becoming an Associate Professor at McMaster University. In this time he developed a research interest in neurocritical care, looking at patterns of brain activity following traumatic brain injury. Dr Gray was the recipient of two postgraduate research awards and published in this area. He was a principle investigator in the UK for the largest international study to date looking into early warning scores for children.